Meet your committee demands. "Committees" provides online tools to help graduate students manage their dissertation and thesis committees more efficiently so they can focus on completing their capstones faster!

"Committees" is a web application that helps grad students stay organized during their dissertation/thesis process. It provides easy access to committee members' contact information, reminders about upcoming meetings and deadlines, and the ability to add custom tasks (e.g., follow up with advisor).

Quickly Sync Committee Calendars

Take Back Control of Your

Capstone Committee

Easily Find the Right Chair

and Committee Members


Coordinate Committee Schedules

"Committees" integrates with all email and calendars providing the ability to see the calendars of all committee members and chair- person to make scheduling easier.

Track and Review all Feedback

& Action Items

As feedback from committee members is given, they will show up on a prioritized list allowing you to keep track of needs from each committee member that has been approved by your chairperson

Never Lose Track of the Latest Version of your Capstone

Each submission of your project will be saved and versioned allowing you to review changes and revert to the previous version should a change be needed.

Stop wasting your time doing administrative tasks for your committee

  • Manually finding time on each committee member's calendar
  • Tracking feedback through post-it notes and document comments
  • Guessing about the best Chair or Committee Members
  • Trying to keep track of versions by manually naming your files differently
  • Manually creating a pacing schedule to meet your defense dates


If I could have this tool right now while going through my program, my life and dissertation process would be totally different. We need this NOW!

Mike Lee, DBA Candidate

"I wish I could have had this type of App when I was going through my dissertation. Much needed!"

Lana Olsen, Ph.D

"Many professors opt to not take on chair responsibilities for dissertations anymore due to the amount of time and frustration in managing the processes. This app will change that!"

Dr. Orin Starn, Duke University Graduate School Professor

Try The Committees App for 30 days Free, then

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Here's what you get

  • One tool to manage all aspects of your capstone
  • Integrations with all major school platforms
  • Work online or offline with Task and Action Items
  • Securely communicate with all committee members
  • Automatic repository for all versions of your capstone
  • Timeline templates to finish on time

How to Get Started With Committees

Create your account

Take 5 minutes to set up your account and choose your preferences related to the type of program you are in.

Register Your Chair and Committee

Enter the name and email address of your committee chairperson and committee members (if known)

Connect Calendar & Email

Connect your email, calendar, and other systems and school tools to manage in the Committees app

Get Your Capstone Done!

Start managing your capstone committee relationships through the Committees App, and get back to writing

Why wait to get your time back?

Manage your entire capstone committee and process with The Committees App

  • Track all committee member's feedback & action Items in one place
  • Automatically choose the best dates for committee meetings and activities
  • Find the best choices for chair and committee members

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